What kind of person do you want to become?

An illustration of a tree, please arbitrarily paint one of your first thoughts on the picture:

  1. Fruits on the tree
  2. Sun
  3. Birds, clouds, or plane
  4. Human beings or animals
  5. Mountains
  6. Houses
  7. Rain or thunder

Test results:

  1. You want to be a generous person. You want to give your possessions to others, even your heart, your love. You might want to be a philanthropist, a social worker. You don’t want to be a politician because you have a strong sense of justice.
  2. You want to be popular. You want a lot of people to love you, rather than you take the initiative to love others. You only want people to love you unilaterally.
  3. You want to be a man travel the world freely. You want your life to be free, not burdened by life and family.
  4. You want to be Snow White surrounded by seven dwarfs. Your personality is not suitable for making certain friends.
  5. You want to be cared for. You yearn for authority and power, and you hope that these powerful things will protect you. So you will choose elite marriage.
  6. You want to be a housewife. You want to get married. After marriage, you can focus on family life and have children. You belong to middle class.
  7. You want to be king and queen. You hope everybody loves you. That is very dangers.