How To Make Your CAREER GROWTH With TEFL or TESOL Course

There is a strong aspiration among us to achieve the “English Frame” for a successful career. The massive possibility of demand for trained English language teachers makes the field of teaching English abroad only one of its kind.

With its global recognition, the English language is leading the maximum part of the globe. With its ascendency, TEFL or TESOL has become a worldwide career choice with an ephemeral status. Now a day where teaching world is changing and developing with pace, and people are enjoying their international English teaching career in different exotic locations around the world.

But, getting a TEFL or TESOL certification is quite questioning and snooping. Sometimes people consider it more as a frequent transitory global period than an enduring career option. Some think TEFL or TESOL is “not a bona fide teaching”. You will have to answer questions like –

“What will be your real job or how it is going to be?”

“What will be your life after teaching overseas?”

“Will it be a suitable career for a long process or not?”

And many more…

Nevertheless, TEFL or TESOL doesn’t have to be a blind alley boulevard! Rather, it is a spot on career prospects, with lots of job opportunities for professional progress and growth in the field. Many career roads will be unlocked up to you after teaching in a foreign country.

So, let’s find out the answers of all the possible and probable questions regarding TEFL or TESOL

Provides true global work practice –

Foremost firms and organizations in almost all areas search for those who have global work experience with experience from different cultures. And, this is what a TEFL or TESOL program helps you to gain practical experiences while living and working in a foreign country by producing an “international leader”.

Entry to global development –

The field is a spacious and developing sector that looks for people to maintain the affirmative growth of different hostile regions. Guess what, you can be a program director for an international education mission. However, if you wish to utilize your teaching-learning skills in a different way, then you can become a professional instructor in diverse areas.

Teach and Travel with TEFL or TESOL –

Travelling is something that we all love to do isn’t it? A Teaching English as a foreign language certificate is not only just a passport to teach and travel, but also presents you an international career breakthrough. You can get jobs in international schools, colleges, universities as well as in any language institutes and corporate houses as well.

Overseas Career Advisor –

With your international teaching experiences, you can be an overseas career advisor also. You can aid others to start on their global venture! With TEFL or TESOL certificate you can work as an overseas career advisor at any university or you can work for a private company, to motivate and guide students.

Case Supervisor or Social Hand –

Generally, most of the local governments and nonprofits organizations have a special department for case supervisors to help out the new settlers or expatriates to settle into their new dwellings. Your teaching experiences can be a helpful one if you want to help families with children to steer the education structure by helping them to start a new life.

Provides Opportunity to Explore –

A TEFL or TESOL program gives you the opportunity to explore the new environment in the multi-cultural societies of 21st century. You will be able to face different new challenges and will be able to find your feet to new environments. Moreover, you will get the chance to experience different national, linguistic and cultural backgrounds while earning. Isn’t it interesting?

TEFL teacher trainer (not the CELTA) –

Your passion for teaching will meet the new heights with TEFL or TESOL. However, CELTA stands for Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and it’s a completely different area.  An accredited TEFL or TESOL certificate will help you in becoming a successful TEFL trainer. You can find many opportunities to shift your career into teacher training in different language schools.

Place in EFL/ELT publishing –

English Language Teaching (ELT) publishing is mainly writing and developing materials or travelling around different language schools to endorse them. Yes, you can also work in ELT publishing departments with your TEFL or TESOL course as they like to associate with an experienced teacher or trainer in different countries.

International Business English Training –

TEFL or TESOL gives you the absolute knowledge about business English. Hence, with it, you can work as a professional business English expert in different private and corporate sectors.

Bonus Point: With TEFL or TESOL course, living and teaching overseas make you smarter and self-made! Choosing this as a career succession isn’t as linear as other career choices. You can leap some steps while you can go back to different steps also.

Following are some steps in a successful TEFL or TESOL teaching career:

  1. Complete the TEFL or TESOL Course
  2. Explore Global Teaching Prospects
  3. Choose where you want to go
  4. Prepare For the Interview
  5. Connect with any International TEFL Academy Alumni Networks
  6. Arrange VISA, Reach Your Destination and Start Your Global Career