5 Brilliant Ways of How effective communication impacts on learners 

Any process, especially one related to organisational or managerial tasks are more or less dependent on a number of factors. One of them is the communication process, necessarily an effective one, which is required for the smooth running of the organisational machinery. The process of learning is a complex one and could be hampered without the presence of an effective communication process.

What is an effective communication:

The process of communication between two individuals without any barring is referred to as an effective communication. Any procedure without an effective communication process might fail to develop the sense of understanding between the two persons which might deter the fulfilment of any important communication. The lack of proper communication and understanding might be detrimental in the fulfilment of objectives for an organisation as well as for an educational institute.

There are a number of steps involved in the way of effective communication. The presence of these in the communication process is essential for the proper completion of the communication in any procedure directed towards the development of individuals, especially in the case of an online spoken English course for the beginners.

Why effective communication is significant:

It is very necessary to understand the fact that if we are not clear as to whether your learners have actually understood what you have taught in spite of getting exam grades. However, grades show their clear concept which is required in assessments.

It is important to know the fact that in the long run, learners should be able to transfer those skills they have acquired while learning. This is where the necessity of an effective communication takes place and we need to concentrate on the fact. Effective communication must take into account the situation for which teachers and students are communicating with each others.

There are several essential skills which lead to an effective communication process. The impact of these skills on the learners is of enormous significance.

  1. Listening

There goes the word “only a good listener can be a good speaker”. The art of listening is the first and foremost stage of communication which helps in initiating the whole process and it is essential for both the parties involved in the process to be able to properly listen to the other minutely and make a statement in reply based on his/her understanding of the previous statement. In case of a classroom, the learners need to be attentive to the teacher so as to understand what he/she wanting to deliver through the lectures and ask relevant questions so as to make the whole procedure an effective one.

  1. Feedback

After a conversation is over, there is need of proper feedback from the person or group towards whom the lecture was directed. However, it is not always possible for the person who is initiating the communication process to get a feedback from the receiver, which leaves a void in the communication process which, by no means, is good for any of the parties included in the process. So the importance of a proper feedback process is of real significance in an effective communication process.

  1. Non-verbal communication

Another important trait of communication is the non-verbal mode. At times the teacher writes something on the board or shows pictures to the learners and lets them understand using their won wit or notion. Generally, especially for the beginners, this might be a little difficult but once they are accustomed with this unusual method of communication, it solves a lot of problem in the area of communication for the ones involved in the procedure.

  1. An add on in confidence

Proper communication is also the key to increase the confidence of the candidates who are involved in a learning procedure. The way one understands the flow of communication and indulges into it is important for the person so that he is able to get confidence from the daily conversations between the learners and the teacher.

  1. Behavioural Impact

Another very important aspect of communication is that it impacts the behaviour of the learner, especially in the beginner stage, and thankfully in a positive way most of the times. It has been seen that the confidence of the learners involved in certain specialised courses has increased in aspects of friendliness and open-mindedness.

The aforementioned piece is a clear indication of the fact that effective communication is an integral part of the specialised courses, especially for those who are involved in some kind of an online spoken English course for beginners. The lack of proper and effective communication hinders their growth to a great extent, which would be a major detriment in the path of their learning path and ultimately their career growth.